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todd s
10-19-2020 6:23:00 PM CST
...and a "FLUBBER" reference! What more could one ask for?

kirk a
10-19-2020 6:20:30 PM CST
FOREHEAD OBLONGATA...LOVED IT!!! Thanks for the laugh and blast back to my similar past! ha ha!!!

bob j
10-19-2020 6:18:13 PM CST
Love all your stories especially FOREHEAD OLBONGATA my emoji was rolling on the floor with tears and laughing!

Jack E
10-15-2020 5:48:13 PM CST
A GIRL AGAIN so far...my heart and I are the star. Ha Ho!

larry c
10-15-2020 5:46:14 PM CST
...so gifted and such a "warm soul".

diana s
10-15-2020 5:45:14 PM CST
A GIRL AGAIN I could feel the excitement in that "first look" across the room.

christos k
10-15-2020 5:43:31 PM CST
I love the missing fingers. You are hysterical!

taylor k
10-15-2020 5:42:13 PM CST
one of the best love stories of all time

debi bc
10-15-2020 5:41:07 PM CST
A GIRL AGAIN I laughed so hard at the missing fingers...you crack me up!!!!

Sean P
10-14-2020 5:38:31 PM CST
I admit I didn't expect to be truly intrigued and want to read more but from what I saw, I definitely want to.

susan th
10-12-2020 7:53:57 PM CST
you had me at So...

susan t
10-12-2020 7:52:17 PM CST
bursts with heart!

christine cm
10-12-2020 7:49:16 PM CST
the magic of storytelling...a lost art

Linda G.
05-08-2020 2:10:01 PM CST
I’m hooked! Thanks for sharing!